Coronavirus Update


Y Canberra is continuing to monitor the situation and is following ACT Health for notifications and procedures. Below is the current information shared by Australian Government Department of Health (1 February 2020):

There has been a significant change, today, in the measures Australia is taking to protect the community against novel coronavirus.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has noted the increasing (but still relatively small) number of cases in provinces in mainland China, outside of Hubei Province. As a result, the Australian Government has announced additional measures to protect the whole community against novel coronavirus.

For this reason, and in line with national health advice, we are taking a highly precautionary approach:

From 1 February, in line with national health advice

Being isolated at home means that you need to stay at home for the full period, unless you need medical attention. You cannot go to work, school, or public areas, and should not use public transportation, ride share or taxis. Visitors to the home should be discouraged.

If you returned to Australia from Hubei Province, prior to 1 February 2020, the advice remains that you need to self isolate for 14 days from the time of leaving Hubei Province.

The Australian Government continues to closely monitor the evolving situation and our advice will be updated, as necessary.

The ACT Health Directorate has well established processes and procedures in place for the management of infectious diseases should they occur in the ACT and is working in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health and our jurisdictional counterparts to monitor and respond to the situation.

In addition to following the above advice, Y Canberra is continuing to:

Y Canberra will continue to monitor and follow ACT Health updates as they are provided.

Y Canberra will provide updates as needed to our families, participants and community via email, Storypark and our website.

Please speak with your Director, Coordinator or Site Manager if you have any questions or concerns.

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