Coronavirus Update 25 March 2020

Covid-19 Y Canberra's Response and Latest Updates

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The YMCA Canberra Critical Emergency Alert System is now activated. This system has been setup to keep all families, staff and community members up to date on the opening and closure status of Y Canberra services. To follow live updates click on the button below and subscribe to the feed. If you are already using our services you will be subscribed to receiving email and/or SMS alerts as they impact you e.g. your child visits one of our Early Learning Centres, Out of School Hours Care or you use our health and fitness services.

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How is the Y monitoring the risk of COVID-19?

Where you can access the latest government advice?

What is self-isolation?

How the Y is managing impacts to services?

Preventative measures Y Canberra has taken so far?


How is the Y monitoring the risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

YMCA Canberra (the Y) is continuing to monitor the situation and is following ACT Health for notifications and procedures. As the spread of infections has rapidly increased in recent days, Government decisions to impose further exclusions is changing on less than a daily basis so we may be required to act on this direction quickly but we are committed to making timely decisions as soon as this information is made available from the Federal and ACT government. This is why we encourage people who need the latest information from the Y, to subscribe to the Y Canberra Critical Emergency Alert System as the most current information as we receive it will be available on this page.

Where you can access the latest government advice?


Social distancing and hygiene

Fees and CCS

What is self-isolation?

Being isolated at home means that the adult, child or young person needs to stay at home for the full period, unless they need medical attention. They cannot go into public areas, and should not use public transportation, ride share or taxis. Visitors to the home should be discouraged.

How is the Y managing impacts to services?

Preventative measures the Y has taken so far

Y Canberra have been operating with increased hygiene practices for over a month now. To help reassure our members, parents and carers, please see measures implemented to date:


Preventative measures for your household

Please ensure everyone in your household continues to practice good hygiene, including:

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