Traditionally the YMCA Canberra Op-shop has relied on donations from the public during the shops opening hours but not anymore…. Introducing the YMCA Canberra “Donation Station”.

The first station was installed at our YMCA Chiefly Health and Wellness Centre and became incredibly popular. We could not ignore the success and we have now installed one at nearly all of our YMCA Canberra Early Learning Centres with more to come. We are thrilled with the uptake in donations.

To help stop the unwanted dumping of clothes that cost the charities across the sector with almost 60,000 tonnes of unusable donations we are installing our donation stations inside our services.

If you would like to donate to our Op-shop Clothing Bins please ensure that clothes are clean, in good condition and placed in bags before leaving them.  A good rule of thumb is “if it is not in a condition that you would buy it please don’t donate it!”

Fun Fact:
In 12 months Australians donate more than 780,000 tonnes of clothing and goods to charity stores. 

Your donations help the YMCA Canberra provide opportunities for all people to grow in Body, Mind and Spirit.

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