An Asthma Friendly Centre

Many community care settings such as ours have a responsibility for known and predictable health issues for Asthma Friendly logo.jpg
persons in their care. To ensure we are best placed to support our members and visitors with asthma we are proud to have recently become recognised as an Asthma Friendly Sport and Recreation Club.

To become Asthma Friendly we have received training covering best practice asthma management and importantly how to recognise the signs of asthma attacks and respond accordingly by providing asthma first aid.

The centre has Asthma Emergency Kits on site in an accessible location and these include reliever medication, spacers and face masks for under 5’s.  You will see asthma information on display and we have updated our policies to reflect this commitment to remaining an Asthma Friendly organisation.

The program has been implemented in partnership with Asthma Foundation ACT and we encourage you to contact them should you want to know more about your asthma, attend an information session, receive some helpful resources or even just have a talk about how asthma affects your life or visit Asthma Australia

Certificate of Asthma Friendly Registration

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