Do you have to be active to join the classes ? The YMCA runs a variety of classes both in our gym and in our community locations. The classes in our community PrYme Movers program are listed with a 'Class Level' according to the program and can be used as a guide to help you decide if the class is appropriate for you. The classes at YMCA Chifley Health and Fitness centre can be tailored by the instructor to suit varying fitness levels. Specific classes such as our Mobiliser classes are designed for people who may be restricted in either fitness level or mobility through either injury or chronic illness. Please contact the centre to discuss particular issues or for advice as to which class may be the most appropriate for you.

What Membership Options do I have? We have a range of great value membership types and payment options to suit different ages and lifestyles. Please refer to our membership page on the website for options and prices.

Do you offer any discount for Seniors? Yes we offer a very good value membership option for PrYme Movers which is anyone 50 years or over.

Are there access restrictions on different memberships ?  Yes, there are access restrictions on some of our membership types. If you want unrestricted access during opening hours you would need to take out a Wellbeing Membership. All memberships include access on Saturday opening hours. Please refer to our membership page on this website for full details.

Can I suspend or cancel my membership ? Yes you can suspend your membership for up to 4 weeks in a 12 month period. You are also free to cancel your membership at any time we simply require 14 days written notice prior to your next payment. For full details of membership suspension and cancellation please read our Membership terms and conditions as posted on the website.

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